St. Ann Parish

Diocese of Charlotte

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Roman Rite

Weekend Mass Schedule
  • Sunday 8:00 AM
    10:30 AM
    12:30 PM Mass in Extraordinary Form
  • Saturday 4:30 PM
Weekday Mass Schedule
  • Monday 7:00 AM
  • Tuesday 7:00 AM
  • Wednesday 6:00 PM Low Mass in the Extraordinary Form
  • Thursday 7:00 AM
  • Friday 7:00 AM Low Mass in Extraordinary Form; 8:30 AM
Mass Schedule for Holy Days

No Information Available

  • Pastor Reverend Timothy S. Reid
  • Permanent Deacon Rev. Mr. George A. Szalony
  • Pastoral Associate Sister Judith Monahan, SSJ
  • Bookkeeper Terry Alderman
  • Secretary Marcy Rothe
  • Youth Minister Kelly Molacci
  • Annulment Contact Paul Reali

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