St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

Diocese of Little Rock

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Roman Rite

Weekend Mass Schedule
  • Sunday 7:45 AM English
  • Friday 6:30 PM Spanish
  • Friday Sagrado Corazon first of each month.
  • Saturday 8:00 AM English
  • Saturday First Mass (Monthly)
    5:00 PM English
Weekday Mass Schedule
  • Monday 8:00 AM English
  • Tuesday 8:00 AM English ; 5:30 PM Spanish
  • Wednesday 8:00 AM Spanish ; 5:30 PM English , English
  • Thursday 8:00 AM English
  • Friday 8:00 AM English
Mass Schedule for Holy Days

No Information Available

We, a Catholic community of diverse multicultural backgrounds, unite as a family under one Baptism in Christ. We come together to pray, evangelize, learn and serve one another, the community and humankind. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we pledge ourselves to pursue this mission by participation in the liturgical, educational, outreach and social ministries of the Church.

  • St Vincent de Paul Catholic Church 479-636-4020
  • Msgr. David LeSieur, VF, Pastor 14
  • Fr. Stephen Gadberry, Associate Pastor14
  • Dc. Clarence Leis
  • Dc. John Pate
  • Dc. Arturo Castrejon
  • Dc. Silvestre Duran
  • Dc. Ronnie Hoyt
  • Dc. Ronnie Hoyt, Parish Manager 51
  • Sandra Kugler, Dir of Fin & Admin HR 37
  • Tom DeRose, Facilities Manager 33
  • Gloria Morse, Pastoral Assistant 14
  • Maria Teresa Valenzuela Bookkeeper 34
  • Tim Spellman, Marketing/Comm/Scheduler 42
  • Karina Ostenberg, Receptionist 10
  • MINISTRIES Suzie Perry, Liturgy Coordinator 43
  • Karen Peters, Adult Formation Coordinator 48
  • CoCo Torres, Children’s Ministry Coord. 54
  • Lissette Chavez, Children’s Ministry Admin 36
  • Kalisa Newton, Sacrament Prep Coordinator 47
  • Michael Deines, Life Teen & EDGE Youth Minister 45
  • Soledad Huaracha, Asst Sac Prep. 13
  • Lourdes Montgomery, Music Director 15
  • Jon Dooly, Life Teen Music Leader 45
  • Therese Rohr, English Baptism Ministry 35
  • Susie Hollmann, Spanish Baptism Ministry 11
  • Maria Gonzalez, Marriage Prep Coordinator 17

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